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SeaTea Bath Bags

A whole-body thalassotherapy bath treatment and detox ritual that promotes longevity. Naturally mild and suitable for all skin types.

3 bags

Naturally firms, hydrates and revitalizes your entire dermal system. SeaTea Bath Bags provide a bouquet of red/brown/green seaweeds and marine nutrients.

SeaTea is produced in small batches creating a powerful thalassotherapy skincare ritual. Potent wild California seaweeds are hand-harvested from the cold pristine Pacific coast waters utilizing sustainable processing methods.

As a natural, small-batch product, color may vary.  

Add one tightly tied bag of SeaTea directly to your bath water or hang bag on your bathtub spigot. Running fresh water through it releases the seaweed extracts into your tub, turning your bathwater the lovely shade of natural blue nutrients. Each bag may be used 3 to 5 times. Allow to dry or freeze between uses.
SeaTea also comes with a strip of dried seaweed that can be dunked in the bath and used as an all-over body exfoliator. Use it and the SeaTea bag itself for the ultimate firming and hydrating bath experience.

For amazing results follow our AM, PM + bath time skincare routines.

macrocystis pyrifera, chondrus chrispus, alginate, sea salt, clitoria ternatea, spirulina/chlorella , piece of dried gigartina exasperata (seaweed).

All Ama Sea Beauty products are highly concentrated with marine-active ingredients that restore and regenerate your skin on a cellular level. Always clean, cruelty-free and hand-processed. Sustainable and minimal packaging, ethically sourced and made in California, supporting marine ecosystems.

SeaTea Bath Bags