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SeaGlo Microalgae Oil

Daily hydration oil. The ultimate final touch in deep moisturizing. A superfood for your skin, hair and nails. Naturally mild and suitable for all skin types.

1 oz / 30 ml

Offers your skin a topical marine diet of Ultra Omega 3,6 & 9, Vitamin B, C, D and E. SeaGlo naturally hydrates to reinforce and strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier. Leave your skin, hair and nails silky smooth with a natural, radiant glow. Hydrates and replenishes to support cellular activity and protein production.

SeaGlo is produced in concentrated small batches creating a powerful thalassotherapy skincare ritual. Potent wild California seaweeds are hand-harvested from the cold pristine Pacific coast waters utilizing sustainable processing methods.

As a natural, small-batch product, color may vary.  

Apply SeaGlo to face, neck, body, beard, and hair anytime you need extra moisture. 

For amazing results follow our AM, PM + bath time skincare routines.

Algae oil, tocopherols (vitamin E as an antioxidant), caulerpa lentillifera oil

All Ama Sea Beauty products are highly concentrated with marine-active ingredients that restore and regenerate your skin on a cellular level. Always clean, cruelty-free and hand-processed. Sustainable and minimal packaging, ethically sourced and made in California, supporting marine ecosystems.

SeaGlo Microalgae Oil