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Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic application of seawater, sea plants and marine climate as a natural  rejuvenator, skin protector, and healing medium. It is a traditional medicinal practice that dates back to Roman/Greek antiquity, and the days of the bathhouse. Thalassotherapy has been utilized as a beauty preserver and unique longevity strategy throughout history.

Having evolved in Europe over the last 200 years, through technique development, installation of water centers, experimentation, observation, participation, research and personal testimonials, thalassotherapy continues to emerge as a simple solution to pathologies that plague modern civilizations and jeopardize long-term quality of life.



Europe took notice of the healing properties of water in 1760, when Dr. Richard Russel published “A Dissertation on the use of Sea Water in the Diseases of the Glands.” . But it would not be until the late 1800s and early 1900s that a doctor, a homeless dog and a Tour de France cyclist would elevate “taking of the waters” in France to a national treasure and give it the name we know today. In hospitals many receive saline IV treatments as a true lifesaving protocol due to the work of Dr. Rene Quinton and his scientific experiments on homeless dogs. And in the 1960s, French cyclist Louison Bobet brought thalassotherapy to the masses after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. All of Europe watched his remarkable healing process through thalassotherapy.

Water mania hit and has yet to cease. In 2018, an estimated 500,000 tourists visited thalassotherapy facilities throughout Europe. Thalassotherapy sits at the heart of the history of medicine, pharma-curatives, medical treatments and spa techniques. Many throughout history have proclaimed their faith in the powers of mineral/ocean water.



We believe beauty deserves smaller, simpler and smarter solutions. For Ama Sea Beauty, thalassotherapy addresses this concept loud and clear. Ama Sea Beauty turns to thalassotherapy to usher in an age where product sustainability, youth maintenance and a healthy aging model can all sit at the same table. We believe it is possible to turn to water techniques infused with marine elements as a medium capable of profoundly altering our experience of youth, beauty and the aging process.

The word “spa” used freely today in the world of wellness is an ancient acronym given by the Roman Emperor Nero who affirmed Roman faith in the healing powers of the water:

”Sanitas Per Aquas” (health through waters) - NERO

If you have ever stepped into a spa, you have engaged in passive thalassotherapy. From Blue Zones, ancient bathhouses, healing centers, beachy locations, health tourism, day-tripping, high-end spas, to in-home designer bathrooms. Thalassotherapy has evolved from natural locations into commercial facilities with therapeutic applications though professional services, to home health spas where we make the space to take matters into our own hands. Thalassotherapy has traveled a long way but is no doubt already home. A thalasso opportunity sits in all of our bathrooms and is available to us every day.



Thalassotherapy is a lifestyle choice and a beauty maintenance system that restores youthful cellular activities by tapping into our world’s greatest wonder: sea water. It turns to marine ingredients and water rituals to improve the body’s natural healing processes and encourage our dermal barrier to auto-repair and function as it did when we were younger.

Seawater and sea plants offer a nearly identical composition to blood serum. The dermal application of marine ingredients clears toxins to promote cellular regeneration by jump starting dermal self-repair mechanisms. Talk about self-care at its finest. Thalassotherapy delivers cellular rejuvenation and dermal nourishment through simple detoxification practices.

Nutrient-rich mineral baths and the dermal application of seawater and sea plant derivatives can bring beauty into the health and wellness conversation. Ama Sea Beauty’s luxurious and highly effective products are produced with nature in mind. Ama Sea Beauty offers you the systems and the products to bring the spa home, so you can take beauty into your own hands.

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